At what point ...

do you get a bit irritated about this:

I bid and won something on eBay. Nothing big, just a sampler pattern (I went sampler crazy and ordered about 10 of them this last coupla weeks. I was in a mood to do some samplers and lay off the Mira's for a bit. :o)
So I sent payment and rec'd an email back from the seller saying "thanks for the pmt, I rec'd it yesterday. I'm burying my mother tomorrow, I'll get back to eBay when I can. Thanks for your understanding."
This was 12 days ago. The person has lotsa good feedback, and I'm really not all THAT concerned about it (I only paid $10 for it). Do I send a "gentle" reminder? I AM sympathetic, and I do understand, but still, it's the principle of the thing, right?

BTW: I started on "The Sampler Lady" from Little House Needleworks a few days ago. I'm about 2/3 done.

BTW II: For that matter I started and finished a freebie from Tante's Zolder that I just HAD to do.

BTW III: And eventually, I'll be able to do pics on here ... I got my all-in-one hooked up to print (had to download the driver) but I haven't figured out the other direction yet. I'll get it ... eventually ... after I'm done playing with my new iPod. I finally broke down and got one. My cab was in the shop a few days ago and I had to drive someone else's ... it didn't have a radio!! I thought I was gonna DIE!!

Anyway ladies, I wish you a lovely weekend! The Cubbies game is off rain delay now, must stitch and watch!


Anonymous said...

Ya know I work in probate. She buried her mom 12 days ago. Even if she ran to the attorney's office the next day to start the court stuff, she still should be able to get back to her EBay commitments by now.

Send her a "friendly note" expressing your condolences and your hopes that she's been able to get back to something resembling normal routine. Naturally, the day after you hit send, the package will arrive, but if you don't send, it'll probably be another month.

Karin said...

I know everyone has life and "stuff" that happens, but hopefully she'll be able to return to her normal shipping schedule soon.

claudia said...

Have you heard anything about your sampler pattern from eBay yet?
It sucks that her mom passed, but it also sucks that youhave to wait forwhat you have paid for.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Yes, send a reminder and use the ebay notice to seller feature so it is on record, she will then be forced to respond. Gently request a refund if she is unable to complete the transaction. It only takes a minute to put an address on an envelope and she can pass it off to a friend to post it, 12 days is far to long with no response. CJ (aka ex Ebay seller idamaexs)