Just a ... few pictures :o)

Lemme see what we got going on here:

I have dishcloths and towels that a neighbor asked me to make for her. Different colors, same pattern. They're all made with 2 different colors of bedspread cotton together.
I've made these type of things for myself at various times thruout my life and I never end up using them as towels or dishcloths. They usually end up under plants. :o)

Second: I have scarves. Lots and lotsa scarves. I found this yarn and fell in love with it so I (typically) made a scarf. Then another, and so on, and so on. And now I have about 10 in various colors. I've given away quite a few as well, but hey, never too early to make Xmas presents, right?! :o) And b'sides, I can make them in the car when I'm sitting, it takes about 3 days to make one, so it's convenient.

Here is purple, cream, lime green (the sickly yellow looking one :o( damn scanner) and a pretty leaf-green one.

Thirdly: update on my Villa Mira - I haven't had much of a chance to work on this lately, but I'm slowly getting it done. I don't like the pictures colors, but hey, cell phone pic again. Yanno. I put the floss bobbin there to show how big she's getting. Matter o' fact ... one sec ... lemme try something ... Ah. Better. A little more true-to-color via the scanner.

And THEN: I got this Mira New Years Fairy Kit in the mail from Jenn that I bought from her. (Thank you again Jenn!)

But the big Oh My Gawd came with this in the mail:

This little beauty (Mira's Petal Fairy) came to me, completely free of charge from Sharon just because she knows how much I enjoy my Mira's. :o) Not only did she send the chart, but all the floss and kreinik as well!! How sweet is Sharon?!!!
I've been RAK'd, and love it. Thank you so much Sharon and I've got a little sumpin sumpin coming to you as well, as a thank you. :o) Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
I've finally caught up with my loads of feeds. I've made a few comments here n there, but I'm not much on commenting anyway, but WOW, beautiful things are being made here. You ladies are amazing.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That was an update and a half!

Great dishcloths, but it's such a shame to use them as that. I love the scarves too. You chose some great yarn colours there.

Villa Mira is growing so fast. She's huge! Magnificent colours and they do look great on that fabric.

What a great RAK. Sharon was so generous.

Missy said...

Love the dishcloths and scarves. Can you share the patterns that you use?

: )

Sharon said...

Pretty work-I really like those discloths. Villa Mira looks wonderful and it's really growing. I wish I could do as well as you on the Mira's. You are so welcome regarding petal fairy-I knew she was going to a great home!

Jenn said...

Glad the kit arrived safely. Wow Mira is going to be huge!