An obsession realized. :o)

I bought these dishes today from someone off Craigslist. I've coveted them for many, many years (a family member had some when they were released in the 80's I believe) and a few days ago found someone selling 8 place settings and various other plates, bowls, dishes, gravy boat, etc. My obsession has been realized. heh. I have a thing for calla lillies anyway. And they're Mikasa so ... yanno.

Also finished my snowman tonight, but he's coming in a distant 2nd to my dishes. :o)
Lovely day all.


Sharon said...

Great dishes! Congrats on completing your snowman-he is really cute!

coonie said...

Your snowman is raelly cute!

J Rae said...

Congrats on finding the dishes you wanted.
Love the snowman! Sooooo cute!

claudia said...

Ewww...nice dishes. I haven't seen those before> (I lead a very sheltered life...LOL!) Nice find, good for you. You hsould have things you want, you work hard!
Your snowman is so cute!

Vanessa said...

Michelle, Love those dishes! When are we coming for dinner???? You do cook? right? ha
Your stitching is gorgeous . I do have you in my favorites and I need to pull out some of my stitching this summer. I used to cross stitch all the time. Got side tracked. I do love it. Very meditating!

Name: Vicki said...

Great finish! And I really like the dishes!