More Progress

Progress as of yesterday 1-10. I have all but backstitch and the underskirts to do now. Moving right along.
Movie watch: I didn't work tonight due to weather (ice and snow) so I am instead watching movies.
1) The Illusionist. Darn good movie.
2) The Covenant. Can I just say every sweaty, adolescent fantasy I ever had has been brought to the surface watching this one. Every pretty, new young boy is in this one. Give me the long haired motorcycle rider everytime. My gawd. 'Nuff said. (And now none of you will be able to watch this one without thinking of me being arrested for cradle robbing :o) Whoot!! I still have A Scanner Darkly and Miami Vice to watch. Don't get me started on Colin Farrell, even with a 'stache.
Happy Thursday Ya'll!

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Anonymous said...

She's looking pretty.

I haven't seen either of those movies. I'm intruiged by your description of The Covenant. Might have to hire that one.