Just a quick progress update on WQ

Here she is - almost done with what I'm going to do with her. Well, minus the beading and Wisper White threads o' course.

She's at about 23" now and I only have about 3" left at the bottom to play with. I'm trying to pick a spot that'll look decent to cut off her skirt as I don't want to add all the extra "fluff" at her backside. I'm working on the big ol' white spot on the lower left now. This is day 15 now (days since I started working on her).

Still working on my baby hats as well, up to about 30 now.

Gotta go!!


Vanessa said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for you comments. I find that purchasing the fiber to spin is much cheaper than buying it already prepared!
Your Winter Queen is absolutely stunning! I cannot beieve it took only 15 days so far. I do have one of the mermaids with all the beads and embellishments ($100) oh boy - I will start that in January when things calm down !

Sharon said...

winter queen is looking lovely! and I just adore those baby hats-especially with the flowers-too cute!

Little Grey Cat said...

How fast has she grown! You're going to have her finished in no time. I hope you don't run out of fabric at the bottom.

Jenny said...

She's very beautiful! Only 15 days - WOW! :)

Michelle said...

She is looking beautiful! Congrats on having her almost finished. And 30 baby hats - that is amazing!

Kathy said...

Wow she is stunning, she has grown.

Hugs xxxxxx