G rated cab story

I went out for about 6 hrs last night, picked up MANY costumed people, some not so much.

* there was the 2 HUGE football players decked out in the Hooters waitress outfits
* the PERFECT Captain Morgan. Wouldn't have surprised me a bit if he wasn't paid by the company, it was so cool
* the oh-so-wrong young man dressed up as - I kid you not - JonBenet Ramsey. He raised a few eyebrows.
* and then there was the guy I picked up that wasn't wearing a costume, but was making rude comments about everyone that was. A LOT of rude comments.

Me: Oh come on now, relax. It's a night to let yourself go and have a good time. At least they look they're happy, as compared to the ones that aren't wearing costumes but complaining about everyone else.

He just kinda eyeballed me for a second and said "And what are you dressed as? Let me guess, you're supposed to be a 'cab driver' eh?"

Me: Nope. I'm masquerading as the results of a misspent youth.

He didn't get it. :o)

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Susan said...

LOL at the "misspent youth" comment!