Wow. Barbie dolls sure have changed since I've grown up!!

I got these from the Barbie Website ... and there are hundreds of them, just as pretty and/or weird. I tell ya, if I'd have been into Toys R Us in the last few years I'd have definately picked up the ones pictured here, and then some!
Here we have "Enchanted Mermaid", "Goddess of Wisdom", "Peppermint Barbie" (which actually smells like peppermint. They also have chocolate, white chocolate, etc) and my personal favorite: Barbie and Ken from "The Raider" by Jude Devereaux. I used to Loooooove her books and this was always one of my faves, from quite a few years ago, but I've always loved this book. That they have a Barbie & Ken to depict the cover ... !!! Not that Ken could ever hold a candle to the Fabio-That-Was, but they're trying here. Funny enough as is, but the description says ".. Ken doll has long, windblown hair .. " or something right along these lines. :o)
See how easily amused I can be. tee hee hee


AngelSan said...

Somehow I doubt you would find these in a local Toys R Us. these are special edition collectibles, and you have to go to speical stores like Hamleys in London to see them ! Of course they are a lot more expensive than the Barbies you would buy a little girl... ;)
I always love to see those speical dolls...

Sylvie said...

I love the first one!