Lots of gooey goodness ahead!


A fairly entertaining game if you're a movie buff. I only got 25 of the 50 horror movies here. :-(

I got this one from
  • Michelle.

  • Happy Haunting!!

    And just 'cuz I've been playing w/my bloglines set up I found this one as well !!

    LogoThere are:
    people with my name
    in the U.S.A.

    How many have your name?

    And yet ANOTHER fun little quiz. I stole this one from an old post of Suzemo's DH.

    What Reject Sith Are You?


    Chelle & Chel said...

    Hey, I posted that Halloween game, too! I loved your other links. Those are fun! Thanks for sharing them! 96 people have my current name, but I'm apparently the only one with my maiden name! COOL!


    Jenn said...

    Oh this is funny... that name site claims there is NOBODY at all with my last name, much less my full name? Uh, how'd I get it then? LOL

    Cindy said...

    Although I do enojy movies, horror is not one that I watch. So, I did not do very good with the horror either!

    Jules said...

    There are 50 films in there!!! OMG. Damn you and your addictive internet games!!! Give us a clue ... no don't ...

    Thanks for the tag - still thinking about it, only got four songs so far. x

    zohrah said...

    There is 0 me in US and I got Darth Lobster on rejected Sith game....pretty cool quizzes...lol