Yeah, but still ...

:o) I'm not stressing overmuch on not getting my B Fairies done, I just wanted 'em done by the 31st. S'allright tho. I am going to work until I finish 'em. Should probably be Sunday as that's my next day off. They're too cute NOT to finish them.

I ordered my WQ chart from Mira directly, (their website) but it was delegated out to a place up here in the NW - WA actually - here ---> NW Needleworks . Trust me ... 2 DAYS from order to delivery?!!! That impressed even ME. heh heh.

Go check 'em out, they have all the Mira charts, including a load of retired ones, accessory packs for most of Mira's stuff as well. If you go to the search bar and type in the name of the chart you're looking for it will bring up everything they have that pertains to that particular name. And they have a BUNCH of other stuff too. Fabs, beads, floss, charts from EVERYone, also hardanger, yarn for knitting/crocheting ... etc. Fun Fun FUN!!!!

Happy Holiday All and BE SAFE!!!


Michelle said...

Thanks for the info on ordering from Mirabilia directly!

Karin said...

Fantastic Store! Have fun stitching on WQ.