Do Bees have ears?

I've been wondering that since I started this one.

Just a little more backstitching and my girls will be done.

I got this much done last night (sunday). I got entirely too distracted by "V for Vendetta". The first 15 or so minutes were entirely too possible for my comfort. The civil war in the US (gotta say though, really enjoyed the quick flash of the Bush protestors!! :o) Reminded me quite a bit of "Beauty and the Beast". I mean the one w/Vincent and Catherine. Old fashioned romanticism surrounded by modern violence. Just my thoughts on the movie. But I liked it.

I ended up working Sun during the day for a few hrs. We had a mandatory drivers' safety meeting, and since I'm one of the few drivers that haven't had ANY safety problems (ie accidents) I got to skip the meeting, but had to work while everyone else was there.

I don't get the timing ... Sunday at 11a, weekend of a major holiday. Just plain mean, ya ask me. Especially for those of us that had worked all the night before ... talk about a 'safety issue'. :o)

Happy Monday all.