What I've been up to this morn'.

Howdy ... betcha can't tell what THIS is ---->

Can ya?? Me either. I had to keep going until it resembled ... something! :o) I couldn't just leave it where I couldn't recognize what it was. (might forget what I'm playin' with!) This is about 8 hrs so far - 18 ct 2 over.

This next pic is what it's going to be ... eventually.

The "M" anyway.

I was playin' around this mornin' and found thru someone's comments section that there were freebies on Passione Ricamo's site. I've been hearing a lot about her stuff so I decided to go check it out. I found an entire alphabet on there "Arabesque Alphabet" as well as a bunch of fun little things that I printed out 'cuz you just never really know when you're going to want to do some cute little Halloween stitch. :o)

After I printed out the stuff I thought I might play with some day I ran across this little beauty ...

And decided I just HAD to have her. So I ordered the chart "Winter Beauty Princess". I realize she isn't NEAR as detailed as a lot of the stuff I see on here, but it was love at first sight.

And then this fabric from SilkWeavers "Expressions Laguna Dusk" to go under it. (MUCH Thanks to 'Krafty Kathy' for the fabric idea!!)

And so now I'm about to go work for at least the next 14 hrs so I can pay for this (BEFORE I have to tell J that I ordered yet another something or other to add to the stash of stuff that I haven't touched yet! ;o) ::snicker::

Happy Saturday ya'll!


Anita said...

A very nice pattern and I love
the fabric choice. It will
take a lot of will power and
patience to stitch such a big
piece though.

I love enabling..:) thank you
for visiting my blog and
left me with comments.

Kathy said...

Hi Michelle,

Wow that Fabric will look lovely with her on it. I am glad I could help lol.

Hugs xxxxxx

Gill said...

I *love* Winter Beauty Princess! Great fabric choice too. :)

Michelle said...

She is going to be beautiful on that fabric! Good choice!