Random Picture Day!!

As I have nothing to say this a.m. :o)

I'm pretty sure this 1st one doesn't count as cross stitch, but I had fun making this afghan. Fell in love w/the yarn and it looked so plain just striped thought I'd do a little .. random creativeness. If you click on pic you can almost FEEL how soft that yarn is.

Funny thing about this one, I picked the xstitch pattern cuz it was simple and fit the stripes, easy enough, but I did not get a single one of these to look the same. :o) But it's awful purdy. Which - being a girl - that's what is reeeally important.

But this one sorta counts because of this week's SBQ. I made this beddoll a little while back, she took me over 6 mths to finish (3 underskirts AND bloomers AND beads).
I tossed this pattern the moment I finished her on the random chance I might -stupidly - EVER consider making this again. I keep her just for that reason... a reminder. :o)

Happy 2nd half of the year ya'll!!


Jules said...

Wow! I LOVE your afghan. It's absolutely beautiful. Well done!

Rose said...

Your afghan is gorgeous. Can I ask what the pattern is? I've done several strip afghans, but don't recall seeing a pattern with the design done in the afghan stitch.

Your cross stitch flowers are the perfect touch.