Sunshine: all but done

I'm gonna try this again. Blogger had some issues last night.

I have everything done but for the one color I still haven't picked up and the backstitching around the face. I still think he kinda reminds me of my gramma. :o)

Also finally got around to re-ordering the fabric for my WBP. Ordered a little bit different color this time, 28 ct. "Reflections" from Silkweaver. I'll take a pic when I get it. It's a little bit darker than the "Dusk" I had ordered from before.

And, started this cute little one color stitch this morning. I won this Silkweaver "Melon Sparkle" off Ebay. You can't see the sparkly, but it looks like it has pearl blending filament in it. Shiny. :o) That's a flower vase, in case you can't tell.

Happy day ya'll!!



Jenna said...

He's a cute little bugger, isn't he? Such a happy, chubby face!

Jules said...

Your sunshine is really pretty (although I'm not a big fan of the sun at the moment as it refuses to go away!) and I love your Silkweaver fabric - what a gorgeous colour.

Have a go at Halloween Fairy - she may be a tart but she's great fun!

Keep cool xx

Sylvie said...

I love the face of this sun!!!