Like I don't have ENOUGH stash ...

I had to go and buy more!!! I won this kit off Ebay yesterday and can't WAIT for it to get here, it's "Queen Mermaid" by Mirabilia. I've been watching everyone's progress on their Mermaids and decided I wanted to do one. I was thinking of the Halloween Fairy by Mirabilia but I'm thinking it's going to be this one now. Right next to the Winter Beauty Princess, I should probably get all the stuff for both at about the same time. I'll be busy for awhile. In a good way!

And OH MY GAWD have your seen Gill's finished "Emerald Mermaid" @ Chewed Away ?!!! Incredible, truly. (Sorry, I haven't figured out how to make a link yet. :o)

Cab Driver Story Ahead:

I don't know what everyone thinks about cab drivers, I know I get a lot of grief because most folks are not expecting someone clean, female and english speaking that drives a cab. But almost every night in my car evokes some sort of amusing "story". Here's one from last night:

I get sent to a call at about 11p at a local bar. I go pick up this guy and after greetings he tells me he just can't sleep and wants to go someplace still open where he can see some "naked bodies". I first ask him what sort of naked bodies he's looking for, male or female (Ya never know until you ask anymore!!). And he got VERY offended that I would even CONSIDER asking about male bodies.

(This gets louder as he goes along) "... do I LOOK gay to you? I'll have you know that I'm married, TO. A. WOMAN, and happily for more than 15 years. I don't know why you would even THINK of asking me this. I don't know WHAT'S wrong with you. I think I might just have to call your office tomorrow and make a complaint that you would just RANDOMLY decide to ask me if I'm gay. HOW DARE YOU!!" And on in this vein for about a minute.

I let him rattle on until he wore down and said "Sir, I'm sorry if I offended you, but ONE I didn't ASK if you were gay, I asked what sort of bodies you were looking to see, I don't MAKE random assumptions. And TWO, the bar I picked you up at was a gay bar."

He just sorta stared at me for a bit ... "Uhhhhhh ... what? Really? Oh, sorry. I must be getting old. Just take me to my hotel. I have to go call my wife."

I laughed on that one for the better part of an hour.

Happy Day all!


Gill said...

OMG that's SO funny! LOL

And thank you for your lovely comments on my mermaid! :-)

Gill said...

Oh, and BTW....there's no such thing as 'enough' stash! LOL

Michelle said...

Pretty! I have Mermaid of the Pearls in my stash, but who knows when I will get to it! Thanks for the laugh too - I needed it!

Jenna said...

The mermaids ARE beautiful. I can't wait to follow your progress on this one.

And that cab fare? Oh my gosh, hysterical! Methink the gentleman doth protest too much. LOL

TwistedCandles said...

Cab story: LOL!!!!!

QM is one of the prettiest Mira's out there. The model shot does NOT do her justice in any way. It was my first Mira, I stitched her up in about 4 months. She is unbelievably sparkly. Most of her bodice is stitched with Kreinik in 085 which is a really pretty peacock inspired blend of teal greens and dark blues. The Water Lily linen is actually a pale pale blue. I was very surprised when mine came. It was a pain to stitch on because the weave is thin but the finished piece is so stunning.