Any ideas what this means?

I suppose I could figure it out myself, but as well as being lazy :o) it's a fairly amusing story as well.

Got these 3 young, just-off-the-boat Irish boys in my cab last night. I picked 'em up at a strip joint at about 2:45a and they were all very loud and chatty. With each other. I couldn't understand a THING they were saying. But it sounded adorable!!

After they decided to start talking to me and we discussed how cute they sounded we had a fairly entertaining ride. :o)

So it was $20 for the ride, they gave me $30 for a tip (all 3 of 'em pitched in for the ride ... "Here, you can have ... and this ... and these ..." etc. :o) And then they gave me these.

Anybody know what these are worth? (This is where the lazy part comes in, too lazy to look it up.) I don't figure I'll exchange 'em, as you can see, the boys "autographed" them. And hey, Bonus Points to anyone that can tell me what "Dundalk" and "Co Looth" means.

That is all for now, off to bed so I can do it again tonight!!



Jenn said...

"Dundalk, Co. Looth" is probably where he's from. As in village of Dundalk in County Looth.

And currently 10 euros = 12.75 US.

Jules said...

They sounded like good lads. My grandad was Irish so I'm a little biased! 20 Euros is not worth very much, it's the currency of almost every country in Europe (Not Britain - thank God!!) It's worth about £14 - ish. Which is about one and a half rounds in the pub (that's how I work everything out!!!) Jenn is right, he was telling you where he came from - Dundalk, Co. Looth. x

Jenna said...

They're worth more than our junky pieces of paper, that's for sure. ;) Those guys sound really nice. My grandfather's lineage is Irish, so I have a weak spot for Irish myself. What a hoot they must have been!

Karin said...

20 Euro's is a pretty good tip! It's slightly more than the USD last time I looked, so you made out pretty well. Looks like they liked you :).

Juul :o) said...

Dundalk is the county town of Louth, the smallest county in Ireland. Situated half way between Dublin and Belfast.

Euro's are more worth than dollars.

I love Google! Sort of...