Info on "Sunshine"

For those that are asking - this is "Spread a Little Sunshine" by Pamela Kellogg. I got the freebie off the Michael's website.


They have a few cute little things (this is also where I got my "Sunflower and Morning Glories"). Easiest way to find them all is to put "cross stitch" into the search bar, otherwise you get all the kits if you go thru needlework.

In some irritatingly annoying news; I bought the wrong size of fabric for my WBP. I can do it if I were to do the whole thing 1 over. Which, I'm sure, would be just as - if not more so - beautiful ... BUT ... I HATE 1 over. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

I'm off to beat my head against the wall for a little while.


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Jenna said...

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of over 1, either. I keep hoping that it will grow on me someday, though.