Happy Friday the 7th. :o)

Not a lot to say. Haven't been to bed yet after working last night, it's now 11a. Not working tonight so I try to stay up all day (hate to waste my entire day off by sleeping through it. :o) The life and times of a cabbie. heh heh

Here's the latest of my "M". I dunno 'bout ya'll but I think this thing is screaming for a border. I'm sure I'll stop when I finish it, maybe look around for a border that I like. I SO screwed up the middle (wasn't paying attention) and didn't realize for awhile so I ... improvised. "Fake it 'til ya make it" right?!! I also moved over the left lines of the M 'cuz I didn't want it to be as thin as it looks in the pic. Stitchers discretion.

I should be able to finish tonight then I gotta get on that s.a.l. w/AngelSan. She does a different theme every month. Just something small of the same subject, your own pattern. This month is Sunflowers.

Happy weekend all!!

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