Another night ... 2 more cabs totalled.

Jeez. Yup. Another 2 cabs - just from our company - totalled last night. And both because of drinking drivers. I didn't work so I haven't seen them yet.

The first one had no one in it beside the cab driver but the other guy t-boned him. He's in the hospital, haven't heard anything yet.

The 2nd wasn't even in his car!! He went into a bar to go get a 'regular', while he was in there a drunk guy walking by broke out the drivers window to his cab, hotwired the car and took off. Made it about 3 blocks then ran into a building. The cops had to call base and they had to call the cab owner. (Can you IMAGINE how that call had to go?!!!)

3 cabs :: 2 days.

I am really disliking holidays.

Again, everyone BE SAFE!! Hell, Stay indoors ... I am!


Edit: 5p ... There was another one on Friday I didn't know of. That makes 4 in 4 days. I believe that's a record. And we only have 60 cabs.


Jenn said...

Holy frijole!!!! Sending lots of healing thoughts to your injured driver.

Karin said...

WOW - I had no idea Portland was that bad - most of the drivers I had there were very nice people - I hope everything turns out alright!

Jules said...

Re:- Weather Pixie. Pollen! Of course! Thank you, thank you so much. I've been trying to work out what that white stuff was. I thought it might be an attempt to portray a hazy day! Pollen... yes ... how could I have been so stupid ....

Kali said...

Yikes! Not a fun time at all. Thanks for your comment on my other blog. ;) That picture was actually taken in Ohio in Chagrin falls. I've been to Portland and I do love it, I have plans to move out there in the not too distant future.

Jenny said...

Yikes! I sure hope things calm down from here!

BTW, I really like how your M is coming out - I've been pondering those M designs charts for awhile now. :)