One pic, One rant ...

About par for the course eh?! :o) First ... an update on D.R. I got a bit done on him, but I think I am going to have a problem in a little bit. He's lookin' pretty hot eh?! I think so. :o) BUT ... I decided to deviate from the orig. chart and do the border down bottom and across top as well. Now that I've gotten all thru the bottom and up the right side I see why the chart doesn't have a bottom and top. They aren't going to fit. When I got to the right side it is off by 2 full stitches. But I think instead of frogging the entire border, I'm just gonna finish it up and see if I can't find something creative to cover it up. Or hopefully it won't be so bad once I get there. It looks kinda cool tho.

And now: A Rant. I'm a little disappointed. In this world of identity theft and whatnot ... I found a wallet, young lady up from CA here in OR. It has credit cards, deposit slips, insurance card and a dr's appt card for this Fri. here in sw Ptld. I called the insurance company. They took my name and # and said they would try to have her call me. I called 411, no listing. I called the DMV in CA (for what I dunno) but I was hoping they might have some sort of idea. No dice. Said to mail to address on I.D. Not a bad idea (although I know I've moved in my lifetime and wouldn't want someone to get hold of my cc's and i.d.). But, she's apparently up here so I would keep trying to find her. So last resort, I called her dr's appt ofc. and told them what was going on, just have her call me on Fri when she came in. They said they couldn't help me with that BUT they gave me her phone number!! I would throw a FIT my dr's office just gave out my phone number to any random stranger that called with a story. I don't care WHAT the story is ... you don't give out anyone's phone number. But ESPECIALLY not a halfway decent looking 21yr old female that has cc's and a deposit slip for $10,000. in her wallet. I am just so irritated with them. (BTW: phone # was disconnected, so no luck there.)

SO ... on that note, I'm off to watch some HGTV.

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