Off to Cali today!!

At least J is. I'm staying home and working this wknd. :o) Got the place to myself. Long as I don't forget to feed the cat, we're all good!! But the trade off for this weekend is that while J is gone for the next 4 days, I get to take a week when/where I wish. We bought some timeshares this last year and have 2 years to use up several of the free vacations they gave us as incentives. I was thinking of spending a week on the coast here in January of '07, but I've also found out that I can spend a week at 1 of 3 different resorts in Mexico, provided I pay the airfare. Which I see is about 500/p.p. right now. He 'n I are off to Cancun in Oct (they are footing the air bill for this one) but I was thinking I might like to spend a week in Mazatland or there is also Hawaii. Decisions. :o)
We only have another 3 weeks (w/out air) AND one short 3 day/4night (w/air) to use by the end of March '07.
We did have 2 free cruises as well (minus the air and port fees) but found out that after the certificates came in the mail that the cruise co. went out of business, bankruptcy. Jeez. And for that we got another 2 weeks before 3/07.
Haven't decided on another car yet either. Got the old cab up 'n runnin' again. I'm hopin' to find some sorta SUV to make a new cab, but I'm not really hearing much about longevity w/the new suv's. And since I refuse to get an AWD, that's kinda narrowing my search.
Anyway ... off to bed. Before my WP puts me in some dress or something. :o)

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