It took me a week to make this ...

Just finished this morning and I'm lovin' it. Even without the face. :)

Caron Just Soft yarn and a pattern off the 'net.

It might eventually get a face, although the last doll I made didn't. She's still hanging out on my bed, 6 yrs later ... still faceless.

And just 'cuz ... pretty much my only vanity is my hair. I have a lot of it (it's long enough to sit on)
and I love it. I'm allowed, right? :)

Since I've worked so much for the last few yrs the only thing I ever do to it is braid it and go to work. Only cut it 1X/yr. I took this pic t'other day and comparing it to one I took about 4 yrs ago. My bangs (which are hanging out of the braid here) were even with my chin. We're looking at about a foot in 4 yrs.

Makes me wonder what everyday wear and tear does to it as I don't remember it ever growing that quickly before. Or maybe I just never paid attention.

So that's the vanity portion of this post ...

Happy Tuesday all!


claudia said...

That Bunny is CA-ute!!! OMG!
Vanity aside...I have hair as long as yours. Only mine is streaked with blonde, brown and GRAY!!! My plan is, when it is all gray, I am getting some electric blue hair dye and doing a streak. And ya know what? My hair is the only thing I got going for me. Snicker, snicker.
Do you get yours caught in the car door?
Do you walk by stuff in the store too close and get caught up in it?
Do you get people who just HAVE to touch it?

Trixie said...

I've never gotten my hair caught in the car door, but I get it caught in door - doors all the time. And the screws in the doors, sheesh.

The main reason I started braiding my hair is to keep people out of it. I used to have little drunk girls in my cab always playing with it. Drove me crazy. I get ... twitchy ... when strangers touch me. Not in a good way. Now they just play w/my braid.

Sigh ... people.

I colored my hair purple a few years back but ya know what I've been thinking about lately is kool aid dying it, 'cuz who doesn't want their hair to smell like grape kool aid, right?! :)

Trixie said...

OH ... and driving down the road and having your hair fly out the window ... can't forget that!

Or rolling over in your sleep and having it get caught under you, or around your neck and try and choke you.

I looooove long hair! heh

Naomi said...

I had hair that long for most of my life then i went and cut it of into a bob, and now i am growing it all back again. I loved having hair that length but because i am mixed race (white/caribean) it is VERY curly and thick so was very heavy and i would wear it in a bun everyday. Is that a finished Miribila i spy on your wall?

Trixie said...

Aaaah Mira ... I loves me some Mira. :) Have many, many finished and even more started but not finished.

I always thought I would love to have some thick, wavy hair but since it's this long I've always thought it would be way too much to deal with.