What *else* I'm up to:

Another of those "pillow"s from Lucy @ Attic 24. This time for the roommate, she wanted me to make one to cover up a roll of TP to sit on the etagere. This is the top done and I'm working down the outside. It's not the same pattern, so much. It is curved because I'm doing it ascending/descending sizes. (I don't know how else to put that) ... small to big to small. :)

The third picture is the results of me wandering through the yarn store and finding this lovely, soft yarn and having a screaming urge to make something... anything. So ... granny blanket!! They're easy and quick. Aaaaaand boring. SO. I decided to make a bunch of these little tiny granny squares and make a row of them. Be interesting to see how it turns out, but it isn't hideous so I'm still working on it. ;) This is about 3 days.

Caron Simply Soft yarn ... this stuff is so soft, and not expensive. Jury is still out on whether or not it lasts but golly it's soft!

Happy Thursday!


Karin said...

Oooh - lovely work!

Naomi said...

You have been busy! nice crochet :o) i love Lucy's blog i have been following it a for a few years now.

lovestitch said...

Soooooooo beautiful! I just love your thread crochet!
Happy weekend! xoxo