Crochet footstool cover

Made this while watching a movie earlier. Movie: "Season of the Witch" w/Nic Cage. Not so good. Kinda like the footstool cover tho. :)

I was flipping thru Ravelry - drooling and whatnot and found a blanket that I thought was cute, but only the inner circle. So I made it. Then added the outside edging until it looked good then ran outta yarn. :)

While I was eyeballing it I put it on the footstool and said "Hmmm ... it's the exact same size ... !"

So I added the gold edging, then another edging round w/the cut outs to hold it on. I might make a few more of these some time. :)

And yes, I looooove Lucy's stuff. Although it's not usually my style (I'm not that into bright colors) I still love most everything she makes.



claudia said...

Wow! Pretty. You are on a roll woman!

Rainy Day Crafter said...

That's so pretty, and a lovely colour!