Some crochet pictures ...

I make a lot of these, when I have time to kill.

They come from a pattern and are supposed to be attached as ya go along but I opted to not attach 'em yet.

I was thinking they're kinda boring as is so I thought I'd put some different color yarns around the edges. I like 'em much better with a little color.

This is called a Japanese Flower, I got the pattern from Attic24 (along w/half the world's crochet-ers it seems :) Make a lot of 'em and then make a scarf or shawl out of them. I just wanted to see what they look like.

This picture made me laugh so hard I had to share. :) It's currently my wallpaper on my phone. (Sorry but it's a little one)

I haven't stitched a single thing in months. Seem to have lost my mojo. But I've been reading and drawing up a storm in that time. I always seem to move from one hobby to the next, to the exclusion of the others. But I've still been watching all the lovely things that are being made, and while I'm not yet ready to move back to my stitching I will, eventually.

Happy February all!


Karin said...

Great to see you back blogging! You've been busy with the crocheting, and it all looks lovely!

claudia said...

It's good to see you!!!
Love your crocheted flowers. Aren't the things that Lucy blogs about fantastic over at Attic 24? I love her blog! She does the prettiest crocheting and other crafty things.
I do the same with all the hand things I do. Right now my new obsession is weaving. I bought a loom and am having fun trying to figure it all out!
I have been watching for you, glad you posted.

Real cab driver said...

Been a while..... Weather boredom must be close to terminal this time of year too.

I was reducing the stuff I own, and just came across a box of sewing and crochet stuff. BIG box. I'd be tempted to send you some of the crochet floss. I'm sure you know how hard it is to simply pitch stuff that's new or still good.

Have a safe one, and get a job.