Stargazer all done!! And another Mira start. :)

9 hours straight of beading, but done. 21 days, start to finish. And yes, it's a record (for me). I opted to not do all the beads in the sky. I prefer for her to be a mystery as to what she is thinking/wishing/dreaming about. I really do like this one tho. She's sitting on 18" q-snaps so that's about how tall she turned out to be.


The new start is Mira's Spring Queen. This is about 10 hrs of work on her. I feel like I got NOTHING done. Jeez. She's being done on a 28 ct. Silkweaver Jazlyn called "Peacock". It seemed like a spring-y color.

So I was digging through a few boxes (and drawers, and bins, and storage stools, and magazine racks and baskets, etc) filled w/XS stuff looking for something new to do (heh) and have come to realize that not only do I own over 45 Mira charts and kits but I have 15 Teresa Wentzler's. Seriously. I have yet to finish the ONE TW I started 3 years ago and I have 15. Wth was I thinking???? That doesn't include all the other odds and ends I have. And don't get me started on the print-outs. Is there a 12-step program for this stuff???

Hope ya'll have a lovely weekend!!


claudia said...

You ROCK! Stargazer turned out fantastic. You definately have some stick to it powers. I have ADHD I think and lose interest too easily. I have only a few finished projects for all my years of trying. And those projects are not finish finished.
I need the 12 step program for hoarding all the materials and what nots that go with any kind of stitching that can be done. (Plus the magazines and printouts, etc., etc.)
Good job!

Sharon said...

Stargazer is stunning! I can't believe you did that so quick! congrats.

The Belly Dancer said...

She is lovely!