Update on the Watermelon ...

Almost done. That funny little skinny crow looking thing is actually the beginning of the butterfly. :o)

Does anyone know, what exactly is the purpose of a "huck" towel? If I were to go off phonetics it would seem to be something you would use to dry yourself after you got off the raft. But that's just me. And it certainly is an odd shape. Not to mention NOT soft at all. Hunh. Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?



claudia said...

Watermelon is a really nice piece...great colors!

I found this at E-How or something through Google...I don't know for sure myself what a "Huck Towel" is. I hope this helps.
When you inquire about huck towels you may come up with a few different responses. In the medical field, huck towels are known as surgical towels. They are used most often in the operating areas to absorb moisture on surgical tools after they have been sterilized. Huck towel also refers to a type of embroidery where the fabric used is called huck toweling, Aida cloth or monk cloth. Then there are towels, either plain or fancy, made of huck toweling fabric. Whatever term is used, the fabric will be strong, not flimsy or lightweight. One side will have threads (part of the weave of the fabric) that are slightly raised on the surface. These raised threads facilitate doing embroidery work on its surface. Traditional huck toweling is white, but colors or colored borders are also available.

Trixie said...

Well. Thanks for that. I s'pose I could have done it myself hunh? :o)

So much for the Mark Twain version.