Stitching update ...

added another 2K to my Mystic Stitch (complete upper right side) and still not tired of it yet. 3 corners down, I'll finish the outside before I get to the off-the-wall confetti stitching of the flowers.

BTW: Squirrel is a long haired Chihuahua. :o)

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claudia said...

That's moving along quickly.
No matter what...Squirrel is a little cutie. I have a small dog (jack russell mix) I would have a dozen more if I could, AND if my kids would tolerate more small dogs. I think they only tolerate Tootsie, 'cause she's my side kick and she was a gift from a friend! I like all dogs big and small. Actually right now I am jonesing for another German Shepherd! I lost my big guy (130 pounds of German Shepherd) last September and I REALLY want another!