Wow .. I'm really bad at this blogging thing again.

Sorry about that ladies. No promises, but I'll try to blog more often.

So I spent the first 1/2 of this month in the hospital. ICU. Bi-lateral pneumonia. Almost died. Twice. Not pretty. It's amazing to me that someone can be that sick and still live. I believe I had a doc or two say the same thing as well. Wanna know what a 2 week ICU stay will cost you w/out insurance?? 600K. That's including the 10% discount for being uninsured. Whoot. Whatta way to start my new year.

On the stitching front, I started a Mystic Stitch freebie at the end of Dec and have been working exclusively on it. I've been thinking of doing a HAED so I thought I'd try one of these first. Same basic stuff. Lotsa confetti and 1 over, involved picture, etc. Here's a pic of the one I chose, but no pic of how far I've gotten, I'll post one of those later today probably.

So far I've finished the outside of the flowers across the top and all the way down the left side to the bottom. It's only 9 pages, but lord it's involved. 34, 000 stitches. I've done about 8K. Of course I missed a few weeks w/the illness but I'm back to work and stitching now.

Cheers ladies!


claudia said...

WOW! I think we should have a bake sale or something to help you pay that off.
I happy that you are here with us still, my God, that had to be scary!
That HAED stitch is crazy! Can't wait to see it.
Good to have you back blogging. Keep it up, as much as you can. Take it easy!

Sharon said...

Thank God you are okay now! How scary and what a way to start off the new year. Looking forward to seeing the stitching.

Tama said...

Nice! Looking forward to the pics - glad you're feeling better!