Finally figured it out ... Pictures!

My phone company - for whatever reason - won't allow me to send pictures to yahoo email. I dunno why. Irritating, so I just set myself up with MS Hotmail and now I have pictures. Jeez. :o\

So ... stitching ... First is another Halloween quickie I did, a freebie that was on P Ricamo's site a few years ago. I thought he was cute and I just love this fabric (Sugarmaple "Night") which is same as I used for my Frankenstein. 1st pic (close up) is more true to color for the fabric.

Then I have been working on my Mira Blanket that I started quite awhile back and "forgot" about. I was having an issue with what to use for the beads because I don't want to have beads on my blanket. I finally ran across some DMC Rayon threads and they're perfect for a cheaper, less bulky solution. And I won't have to bead the whole danged blanket!!

So I did Stargazer, Christmas Holiday and am starting on Angel of the New Dawn.

Can I just say that doing this blanket is a quick fix to my Mira obsession ... I get to pick out my favorite 100 sq. block and whip it out in about a week. :o) Granted, I still have about 19 more to go, but they're going faster now. If you click on Stargazer you can see where I used the rayon threads in place of the beads. It works for me.

Anyway ladies ... I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!! I have no family to deal with but I found this incredibly tasty looking and easy to make turkey/stuffing recipe from Tyler Florence that I'm quite excited to try. Of course I'm going to buy my stuffing instead of making it (Gotta love Trader Joe's!) but I think it'll turn out lovely. :o) And it only takes 25 minutes to cook!!!

The turkey is breast rolled around the stuffing, you can watch the video here -> http://www.foodnetwork.com/videos/oven-roasted-turkey-breast/42595.html This is the only pic I could find of it, but doesn't it looked darned tasty?!

Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!!


claudia said...

I'm doing a whole turkey...for four of us! (It's a 22 pounder) But then my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is the leftovers!
I like your little pumpkin stitch!
Tha blanket sounds like something I'd forget about after a while. I can't stay focused on one thing for long! My next project I am going to start and not finish (probably) will be an embroidered square quilt. I really always intend to finish these things, it's just that I can't wait to get on withthe next thing!
Good to hear from you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sharon said...

Blanket looks wonderful. Love your pumpkin. Hope your Thanksgiving was good too!