Didja see this??

It popped up in my email this morning. I love this design.

I already have <--- this one that I've been too afraid to attempt ... not that I don't love looking at some of the incredible HAED's out there but ... I dunno. Too intimidating for me, but dang I like this one. I think it's the dress.

Went and checked out the other 5 "Sins" she's made, Gluttony looks entirely too much like me. In a dress. With make up. And money. You know. :o)

Also, am absolutely charmed by this design by Sue Hillis.

Lovely Wednesday ladies!


Sharon said...

They are gorgeous-but I know I will not ever attempt a HAED! Those stitch counts are unreal. That Halloween design is too cute.

claudia said...

I too have never considered an HAED. But they are so beautiful!
Love that Halloween design, it's cute!

claudia said...

I just went over and checked these out in depth...averaging 400 x 600 stitches...and only 90 colors!
I'll do two by the end of the year.
(Yeah; right)

CindyMae said...

Oh they are all so great!!

Karin said...

They are gorgeous, but I can't even imagine stitching one of those, let alone both - all that detail!