Bunny's done and ...

Here's my bunny, finished. 3 days. Cute, but I'm not that big 'a fan of backstitch. But hey, it beats kreinik anytime. :o)

Also decided since this one has been sitting around 7/8's finished for awhile I'd just go ahead and work on it. I got a book of bread cover patterns and decided to do this one first. I dunno why, it's not like I have a "formal" dinner where I need a bread cover, but it's still cute. :o)

All it needs is some more backstitch and the corners have ladybugs, the top left one is apparently trying to escape.

Lovely Monday ladies!


claudia said...

Uh...Craftee...it's Tuesday! I wish it was Monday, then I'd have another day off!
Bunny is so so cute. I am not a big fan of backstitch either, but it sure makes the stitching details pop out.
Love the Sunflower bread cover too. You could use it to cover anything, doesn't just have to be bread...that way you could use it more often.
I'm glad you are blogging more often. It's always good to see you!

CindyMae said...

Love the bunny bookmark! That is too cute . . . I am not a fan of backstitch either! The sunflower looks great!