Crochet break ...

I'm always making little, quick crochet stuff and as I'm really not much of a girly-girl I always give stuff away. I have a friend moving away and she's quite the lady inasmuch as she likes everything shiny and sparkly. I found this square pendant in a Goodwill store and thought I might find something to make with it. I finally found this pattern for a necklace I liked so made it. I think the color of the filet thread matches pretty darned well for it.

The second one I did I changed to two ties on each end and the ties are also a bit curlier. I made this one for myself and might even wear it. I would be one of those people allergic to most things including metals so it works out well.

These both took about 2 hrs to make. Very quick and satisfying (in that I actually finished something :-). All clickable.


Tama said...

VERY pretty!
You do lovely work :D

CindyMae said...

Wow, those are gorgeous! Beautiful work!!

Cindy Mae
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