Tradewinds and new stash to start.

I was right about the bs. I finished the ship and then did the left side of the bs for it (click, click). I was planning on finishing it last night but I went to dinner (Outback!) which turns out is not too far from Joann's Super Store so I had to wander. And of course any time I wander in Joann's I end up finding something new to play with. :o)

Aside from staring at the Ott Lite 1/2 off stuff - which if I didn't already have one I would be ALL over - I found this afghan in the XS area. I was looking and thinking what this could work for and then I remembered Jenny with her Mira RR that I've been coveting since she started it so I figured this would be perfect for that sorta thing. Spent last night working on the fringe. You have to actually pull the threads and knot them yourself. Wadda hassle. I got tired of that after about an hour so I only have all the threads pulled and the corners knotted. Eeesh.

Then I pulled out my Mira's. I have 15 of them that I'm willing to put on here (not including the pixie fairies). The afghan has 20 spots available - 4 wide by 5 high - and they're 100 x 100 @ 14 ct. so they're going to be fairly large, but I've eyeballed about 5 of my Mira's and this should be perfect (albeit large) for these stitches. Now I'm trying to figure out whether or not I need to worry about which direction the Mira's are facing. They're about 1/2 facing R so I'm thinking I might have to actually graph it out or something. Jeez. :o)

It'll give me something to work on while I'm watching the 1st season of Stargate Atlantis I bought a few days ago.

I forgot, I got this book at Joann's as well. It was only $15 and has lotsa stuff in it, but I got it for this cute lil rabbit bookmark. I highly recommend this book, way cute stuff in it.

Happy stitching ladies!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the information and way to go on the ship! Ann

Michelle said...

Love how Tradewinds is coming along. I've been wanting that TW forever. I love the idea of a Mira afghan! What a great project that will be!

Sandra Ree said...

Tradewinds looks great! :)