Well, here's pictures of what's left of the dishcloths, I gave a whole lotta 'em to my ex's mom. She came down to visit a few days before Easter. I didn't see her 'cause I've been sick for a few weeks, but I handed 'em off to J and he gave 'em to her. I think she got about 10 of them.

I got seriously hooked on these round cloths. They take about an hour to make, and I've made enough of them I don't even need the pattern. I finally started using them and have realized that I like them for the dishes and cleaning the counters and what not. I like that I can clean and then just throw 'em in the washer with some bleach. All clean. :o) You can tell by the 2nd picture which is the color I gravitated towards.

In the spirit of working on my UFO's I picked up my "Tradewinds" by TW. It's been over a year since I worked on it so I figured it was time. I can't find the pictures from before but when I started working on it a few days ago the Mermaid on the left was about level with the 2 squares on the right. I finished her (except for the outside lines) and am working on the top left corner.

You ever pull out something you haven't worked on in awhile and think "Thank God I'm so organized with my threads?!!" 'Cuz really, this one has a LOT of mixed colors. Like any typical TW but JEEZ.

Have a lovely day Ladies!


Susan said...

They are lovely!!

Sharon said...

Oh, the discloths are great!

Name: Vicki said...

Love the dishclothes! I also really like the spring pieces! I'm going to get that mag so I can do them, too! Have a great day!

Gill said...

Hi Michelle! Can you email me at
gill@magicmonster.us about the trade?

Michelle said...

Glad to see the TW - it's beautiful! The crocheting is amazing too!