Yet another new Mira

Hey now, what's one more start eh?! :o) I started this one earlier this morning: Mira's Petal Fairy (that was so generously donated by Sharon to feed my Mira addiction :o).

She's on 36 ct Silkweaver 'Morning Dew' linen, which was causing some problems to start out, the 2 over wasn't working, floss didn't feel or lay right so I'm doing 1 over 2. It's seeming a little ... delicate right now to me, but the fabric feels mighty delicate as well so should work out in the end. (You can see the fabric bunched in the back through the front ... delicate fabric) There are only 2 sets of blended threads so I'll figure those out later. (Holes in the shoe ... blended.)
Happy day ladies!


Anonymous said...

great progress! happy stitching. Ann

Sharon said...

Good grief, you stitch fast! Great new start.

Laura said...

I know a stitcher that did blended on 1x2 by putting one color for the bottom leg of the X and the other color for the top leg of the X.

Looks great!

Jenn said...

You've made a nice start. She's going to be so pretty.

Michelle said...

1 over 2 should be perfect for 36 ct. She is beautiful. Congrats on a new start. How many Miras have you finished so far?