OK, I'm sorry. It's been an interesting coupla weeks. Involving courts, stalking orders, more courts, etc. :o) But all is well now - so far - and I am actually back in town, living the high life of a cab driver once again. heh.

I actually have been stitching, not much, just added some beads to my Winter Queen, not picture worthy but I'll get one when I add more.

I'll show you what I've mostly been up to... I have a friend that asked me to draw a pic for her 4 yr. old daughters bday so this has been finished just lately ... hopefully you can click and blow it up. It's about 18" wide (this isn't the whole pic, just what would fit on my scanner) and adorable, IMHO. :o) I think I got this picture from abday card somewhere. I don't really remember. I have a coupla files of pictures that I've torn out, copied, saved, etc that I figure I might eventually draw.
Also drew this one - bad cell phone pic, but she's about 15" tall, done on some comic book drawing paper I have. It's a little thicker and easier to draw on. I like big pics on this stuff. This is Lara Croft fr. Tomb Raider.
I have been keeping up on my blog reading, and I hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend. It's supposed to be 78 here tomorrow. I think folks in Ptld start melting at anything above 75 so we'll see how we survive the heatwave. :o)


Michelle said...

Great drawings! Hope life is back to a good normal now and you can get some stitching in.

Susan said...

I'm stunned! What gorgeous pictures!

Karin said...

Those are gorgeous pictures - you have a great talent! Hope things are getting back to normal for you,

Von said...

You are one talented woman!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Good to see you posting again.

Wendy said...

Very cool drawings!