Hunh. Lookee who's back. :o\

ME! Yup. Finally. Long story short, I *ahem* injured my left middle finger and apparently can't do much without it. Most reportedly, type. And I'm right handed. Go figure.

Anyway ... pictures!!

WQ: I've finished all the DMC and most of the Wisper. A little more of that and then off to the beading. I'm figuring that's going to take awhile. And w/this baby being so large I'm probably going to have to use 3x the beads as called for. I just rec'd my order of an extra 5 cards of Wisper. And have used most of it. :o)
And then I made this tonight. It is (obviously) a napkin holder. I just thought it was cute. Took about 5 hrs to make, plastic canvas. I kinda like the colors. It's part of a set (napkin rings, trivet, towel toppers), but I don't know whether or not I'll make the rest. I just got tired of the napkins sittin' atop the microwave. :o) 2nd pic is more true to color.
Other than that, just been working on some PIF giftees. Was working on baby hats but then got "commissioned" to do a couple of babies' baby blankets. (Doll blankets for a friends daughter) Should be fairly simple, much smaller than regular stuff. She just wants 'em for Xmas.
Just got the stats for TequilaCon in March. Seems we're running about 67% female to 33% male right now. Poor fellas.
Oh. Broke down and ordered the new JCS Ornament magazine. Just too many cute ornaments floating around the blogosphere, I gave in to the pressure. :o}
So, Happy Wednesday all!


AnneS said...

Sorry to hear you've hurt your middle finger ... that'd be my fave driving finger ;P Your WQ is looking stunning - I really should get back into my rotation so I can work on mine again too, and your napkin holder is really cute - love the colours! :D

Sharon said...

Love the napkin holder-those bright bold colors are great.