Titania progress

Day 11. I don't think I'm going to be able to do this one in 3 weeks. :o) Oh well. I'm still enjoying working on her. Been working on filling in the skirt.
I'm thinking I want to change the color of the other ribbon though. I am not an orange fan, but I can't decide what color. Green and purple being my 2 faves are already there so those are out. Only other colors that would probably work would be blue and yellow. I'm not much of a blue fan, and I don't know if it would work, but I think if I do yellow then the wings will wash out. Decisions, decisions. Any ideas?
OH, we decided to push out our Cancun vacation. Probably another 2 or 3 months. I did however, make reservations for my birthday vacation in January ... I'm going to go spend a week in Newport (on the coast here) in the middle of winter, watching the storms in front of the fire. I can't wait! J took his vacation to Cali. in June, so now it's my turn. I believe he's going to head to Reno w/his ma while I'm in Newport. We're still looking into that one. I'm not a Reno fan, and we still have a few more free vacations to use up by the end of next year ... Gawd bless timeshares. :o)
DANG!! NOT my fault. But apparently I can't make paragraphs w/the new beta. :-(
Good Gawd, ya'll gotta check this out ... Gizoogle Type in your blog address and the site will automatically translate it into ... ebonics. It's hilarious!! If you read thru your blog, even the sidebar, it's funny when you start thinking about what it really says. I got this from Jo

Happy Evening all!


Michelle said...

Titania is looking gorgeous! You just zip along on these!

Jules said...

She's stunning Michelle. What do you mean you can't finish it in three weeks! Get you finger out!! I was toying with the idea of suggesting you and me have a SAL sometime with our unfinished "Tradewinds" but you scare me! xxx

p.s LOVE what your Weatherpixie has on today.

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

I try the Gizoogle...it is so funny. :)

And Titania is progressing beautifully. :)

TwistedCandles said...

Oh my lord! The sad part is I actually understand most of that, lol.