A stitching post!

I finally started Titania. This is 4 days of progress. Today being the 4th day. I like how this one is progressing ... quick. :o) I like 'em that way. Lots'a stuff to do, not enough time.

I finished the purple ribbon on the 1st day. Did the pink the 2nd. Skin on the 3rd and hair w/flowers this morning.

Now I'm off to bed.



Jenn said...

Color me green with jealousy that you can make that much progress that quickly!!!

Seriously, though, she's looking great. Keep it up!

Michelle said...

She's beautiful! And you are so fast!

Karin said...

Wow! That is amazing progress for one day!

Cindy said...

Titania is looking just beautiful!!!! Can not wait to see more!!

TwistedCandles said...

Pretty pretty!

Jenna said...

Darn girl! That's a great amount of progress in such a short time. You're rolling!