What's wrong with this picture?

First off, thank you! They are adorable, aren't they?! Thanks to San for the SAL so I went and hunted those little darlin's down to stitch. :o)

So I started my Winter Beauty Princess by P Ricamo the other day, and so far ... I'm hating it. It HAS to be the fabric. It's 28 ct. Reflections by Silkweaver. Lovely fabric. Just a pain in the ass to stitch on. I just am not liking it at. all.

I think I figured out why the QM went so fast, I barely had to think about stitching on it. (16 ct.) I started this one on 16 ct and stitched almost the entire sash in about 4 hrs. (But it wouldn't fit, not large enough piece o' fabric, damn it.) This is 6 hrs on the 28 ct. and only about 1/4 of the sash. It seems like I have to search for each hole. And it can't be just me, but I can see every time my little white x's aren't perfect. I don't put this much effort into my relationship dang it. :o)

I'm still waiting on my fabric for my Winter Queen to show up. arrgh. Been a little naughty on ebay as well. Got this dramatic little bit o' fluff in the mail yesterday. Sugar Maple's "Zeus" in 16 ct. I just liked it. And now I got all kinds of bids out too.

I feel another 12 step program coming on.

Anyway, happy weekend all!


Jenna said...

Great start! I'm sorry that you are having trouble with the fabric. Is it your first time stitching on 28 count? If so, you should get used to it in time. :) She's beautiful, though!

TwistedCandles said...

Are you stitching over 2 threads? I myself am NOT a fan of 28ct lugana.

I love Winter Beauty Princess. Hop on over to the PR board if you get a chance! We've just set up a monthly SAL schedule and in October we're having a stitchathon. I'll be starting WBP for that.

Michelle said...

Beautiful start - I love the fabric. You'll get used to the higher count. Make sure you stitch in really good light, though, that will help!

stephanie said...

From your pic it looks like you are stitching over 2 on the 28 ct fabric, so you're ending up with 14 ct, and your piece will actually be bigger than 16 ct. I love your fabric and your work is beautiful, please measure to make sure you have enough!