SO ... a coupla pics ...

Hiya all. Just a quick coupla pics ... I received, and decided to start as my next "Titania, Queen of Fairies". I'm doing her on the 32 ct. linen Laguna I got w/my "Fairy Flora" cuz I don't really think it went well together, and I didn't like the orangey-yellow linen that came w/Titania.

Also got chart and all beads and specialty threads for "Stargazer". I've been watching Gill's progress and figured I might like to do that one some day.

Oh, and finished my sampler a few days ago while under internet restriction due to the 'puter virus. Here's that one is as well. I bought this sad little frame from Walgreens earlier, I just thought it would work well together. Well enough for me. :o) ( I had to lighten it on the scanner 'cuz it's under glass, so a little too dark.)

And thought ya'll might be interested in this: I contacted the folks in China that I bought those 2 Mira's from. Told them I was upset that the 14 ct Aida they sent me wasn't big enough and that I only rec'd a copy for one of the charts - their ad on ebay said "full color chart". Just kinda feelin' 'em out to see what they had to say 'cuz as I can't imagine anyone would put a Mira on white Aida, it was still supposed to be there ... irregardless of whether or not I was going to use it.

They sent me an email back saying they would be willing to send me another piece o' fabric large enough, but that the photocopy of the chart is how it comes shipped from the factory, even though the other came w/the original chart. (Personally, I think they messed up and accidentally sent the real chart w/the 1st one and now are going to have to make copies of copies. :o)

I sent a note to Mirabilia and ebay. I see that this person is doing it with another Mira chart as well. Under a different name, but the ads are exactly the same and currently has O feedback. They must do this a lot. Oh well, I got what I ordered at least.

That's all the info I have to impart tonight. Happy Weds all!

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Cindy said...

I can not wait to see your new pieces. I want to do Star Gazer one day, but do not think that I am up to nor good enough to take that one on yet. I am glad that you have contacted ebay about those people. They are doing fishy business indeed!