A little stash ... a little cash ...

I got these yesterday, I wanted to see what all the fuss is about w/the Needlerolls. :o) Just outta curiosity ... whaddaya DO w/these things? Do you actually stick needles in 'em?

I got this sampler just 'cuz I thought it was cute. I've never done one, and for some reason (other than the price) this one appealed to me.

Hm. Other news: I stopped w/the WBP, I was just disliking it SO much that I went ahead and ordered a HUGE piece o' fabric in 20 ct. from Silkweaver. I love the pattern and I didn't want to continue w/what I had 'cuz I could so see that one ending up a(n) UFO.

Another Zweigart sale at the fabric store. Got 1.5 yds of 18 ct. Cream @ 50% off.

Also went ahead and ordered fabric for this baby, 'cuz if I don't have the fabric, I won't ever do it. I ordered Blue Sky from Silkweaver for this one. That way (with a little luck and some careful planning) I won't have to do the background. For whatever reason, this has been my favorite picture, ever, from all the classics. (Hmmmmm. Maybe I'm more "innovative" than I thought!)

Still haven't gotten any of the stuff I've ordered off ebay; a couple 4 or 5 Mira's and some fabric. I'm waiting ... patiently ... damn it.

And finally, to answer a question, I've stitched on much smaller than 28 ct., I'm just finding that I don't like it, at all. This IS my first 28 ct. so maybe it's just my albatross for xstitch fabric. I'm a firm believer that if something is not 'flowing' then there is no point to doing it. Find a way around it or just stop. There are SO many other things, that I enjoy, that I could be doing. Pretty much my philosophy on everything ... jobs, crafting, reading, life in general. :o)

So on that happy note ... Happy Tuesday all!


Gill said...

I agree - this is supposed to be fun, so if you're not enjoying it, what's the point in persisting? I think you did the right thing in starting WBP again on a different fabric, if you hated it already it was a UFO waiting to happen.

Jenn said...

I stitched Rose Mosaic last year for a stitchalong... and still haven't done the finishing. I know some people have baskets full in a cute arrangement. Another gal says that her cat plays with them (hope those don't have beads n stuff....)

Cindy said...

I dont know about the needle roll thing either . . . I am asuming that you do stick needles in them???? The sampler you got looks really cute!!

Waiting, that is my problem when ordering things . . . .because when I find something I want, I want it then!!! lol

Jenna said...

No clue about needlerolls, except to display them in a basket. :) I'm glad you sorted out WBP. You have to enjoy what you're doing.