I'm baaaAAAaaack!!!

So much fun (!) stuff to say and do, but no time to get it all in right now.

After several days of being so irritated w/my computer and the nasty virus it had I finally just decided to mindwipe the whole thing and start over. LOADS of fun there, lemme tell ya. It really isn't all THAT bad, but for losing ALL my pics and the paperwork from work, not so bad. Irritated my man quite a bit, but hey, the budding computer hacker in him is the one that got the virus to begin with, so now he no longer is able to download anything, or go to certain 'sites. (He caught a virus from a hacker website ... go figure) We are in the process of getting his 'puter fixed, he can play all he wants on that one. Mine is for me, damn it.

ANYway, lotsa stash gotten in the last week. Notta lotsa stitchin' done, but I'm almost done w/my Sampler. Matter o' fact ... lemme slap a pic on here for ya'll ... assuming Blogger allows me ... aaaahhh ... and there we are! Just gotta finish the outside and then a very little bit o' backstitching, all done. I started it 3 days ago. Easy stuff, this one. But cute in an old fashioned sorta way. :o) I lightened the brown to a dark yellow.

OK ... I gotta rant, on the next post. Tell me what ya'll think of this. :o)


Jenna said...

You are hauling some serious behind on that sampler. Congrats! Make sure you change the password on your computer so your man can't get in once his computer is fixed. LOL

Von said...

Glad you've got your computer working again. Terrible pain to have to reformat the drive and all that goes with it. But it's worse to be totally without computer access, lol!