Thank you all for the nice comments!

I love my QM. My first "real" xstitch ... finish. :o)

I finally started my August SAL (read ... 'finally') today. This is the progress so far today ... it's 9p now. I'm off tonight so I'll get some more in, but I don't think I'll be able to finish this in 3 days. These girls aren't going too quickly. Probably due to the fab: 32 ct Laguna 'Rocky Mountain' by Silkweaver.

If you don't think of that weird thing she's holding as a sex toy then she really doesn't have an evil glint in her eye ... if you do, she does. :o) HA!

OH ... I ordered this one, my shipping was confirmed today ...
Another Mirabilia I really like. Working on the "perfect" fab for her ... I'm thinking it's going to be "Winter Skye" by Silkweaver. Hell. I just made up my mind, it IS going to be that. :o) I get a little irritated by the 2 week ship time from Silkweaver. :( Wassup w/dat? Jeez. Isn't everyone here to feed my need for crafting?!! I hope I enjoy working on her as much as I did my Mermaid.



TwistedCandles said...

WQ is my other most favorite Mira! I've heard that on 32ct, the beads in her crown can be a tight fit. I plan to stitch mine on SMF Shimmering Butterflies and Fairies. She'll be pretty on Winter Skye too. Heck, she's one of those that's pretty on anything!

Jenna said...

Oooooh, I think she'll look very nice on Winter Skye!