Some QM progress

Gawd. I've been trying to upload this pic for the better part of 20 hrs. :( This is another 6 hrs of workin' from yesterday am. I haven't been able to play w/her for 2 whole days. I swear I thought I'd hafta kill my man (or just about any man, for that matter) yesterday so I thought I'd better get to the stitchin'. Still not sure what I think of the color blending of her skin, but I'll keep plugging away.

It's been a very entertaining weekend w/the Mtn. Dew boys in town. (The Dew Action Sports Tour) So we have a whole lot of young, "extreme", famous boys from all over the world in town ... and a whole lot of young, extreme girls from town and the 'skirts coming into town to see them. I have the cutest story I'll be adding to the other blog. Made me feel young again. :o)

Happy Sunday all!


Michelle said...

Wow - she is looking so pretty! You are really zooming along on her.

Susan said...

Great work! She's looking lovely!