Only about an hour of work on BF ...

Only about an hour to work on them tonight. I have 28 hrs to finish ... I don't think I'm going to make it considering I will spend 18 of that at work. ::siiiiigh::

Happy Weds all!

10:30p Update: Car broke down ... I just MIGHT get it. :o)

I got my Mira Winter Queen chart in the mail today, 2 days from order to delivery. Now that's some good biznezz there! Now I just hafta wait 2 wks to get my fabric. And I think, since I have the time, I'm going to check into getting the access. pack for it instead of kitting it all up myself. Apparently Mira delegated delivery of my chart to this company, and they have specials on the access. kits for Mira's designs. AND they gave me a coupon! :o)

Anywhoo ... happy (insert own word here) all!!


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TwistedCandles said...

Buying a bead pack for WQ sounds like a good idea! It's got a lot, lol.