No 'kimono arms' for my gal ...

She's very toned.

Not quite sure what I'm thinking of the color blend on the arm yet. Seems somewhat extreme. Maybe it'll grow on me as I get more done.

Thank you all for the interest in my cab stories. They can certainly be amusing at times. :o) I'm always up for a good laugh myself, I've just always found that most folk don't "get" my sense o' humor. My man is convinced I don't have one since I'm more of a "Frasier" gal than "South Park". cest la vie.



TwistedCandles said...

I thought so too at first. Once she's all done it actually looks really good.

Jenna said...

I agree. It will grow on you. Plus, you have to look at it from a little more of a distance to appreciate the shading as you'll see it once it's finished and hanging on a wall.