A picture heavy post ... and not random!!

I finished my "M".
All done. I kinda like it, I still think it needs some sort of border. I found something kinda neat in my "Embroidery Stitch Bible" that I think I might adapt. We'll see.

Just staring at it, it's seems kinda ... overwhelming. Maybe it's just the pic is too large. ::shrug::

This I made last night. It's a head kerchief.
When I drive I usually wear a baseball cap. (It's PINK so - CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF - I am not a lesbian. Amazing. I didn't realize that being a female and wearing a baseball cap is the qualifier now. You would not beLIEVE how many times I hear "Are you family?" "Nope. I just like to keep my hair outta my eyes." :o) ANYway ... I am a lifetime crochet and just re-discovering the cross stitch life so I whip little things like this out in no time.

These big boys are thrown on some plastic canvas. After I made one of the leopards (?) I decided I liked 'em so much I'd make 4 of each, stitch 'em together and make kleenex holders outta 'em.

And this little pretty, he was just too cute not to throw him in here. :o)

Saturated yet?!!! I am. :o)
And off to bed, finally. g'nite.


Stalker Angie said...

The M is gorgeous! I did a little cross stitch in my time but it didn't hold my interest like crochet and knitting do.

Must snuggle baby tiger. Too cute!!

Karin said...

What a cute puddy-tat! He's adorable. Congrats on all of the happy dances - the "M" is in a great colour!