Finally ... a STITCHING update!! And other news.

Hi all. Just a coupla pics for your viewing pleasure ... this is as far as I've
gotten on my "M" in the last 2 days. Moving right along. I dunno what I'm gonna do with it, if anything. I just thought it was kinda cute. They - over at P. Ricamo - suggest you make it and put it on top of a little box, jewelry or something. We'll see.

And I kitted up this little beauty yesterday afternoon, I joined a July SAL with
AngelSan. (I told her I wanted to join but she never answered my question. That mean I'm in?? Hm.) Anyway, I decided to just go ahead and do it anyway 'cuz I thought it was cute. :o) This might take a little bit 'cuz they don't actually have a chart other than the one you're looking at... ?? Weird. It's color coded, not symbols. I'll figure it out I suppose. I got the cutest little variegated red silks to go around the outside as the border.

And then there's this ... one of our drivers got in an accident, hit and run, with customers in the car. Fortunately no one was seriously injured. He was waiting to turn and someone hit them, pushed them about 23 ft. forward and then took off. Turns out, other guy was drunk, made it about 4 blocks then his car quit. The police found him, all is well there, but not only drunk, but suspended license and no insurance. It's not gonna be pretty. I am the person that has to go check out the scene of the accidents for our co., take pictures, statements, etc. Sometimes very ugly.

I am FIRMLY against drunk driving, I've called in MANY people that have opted to drive instead of take me (or any cab) at the bars. Almost completely against drinking as well. I feel it's a very dangerous 'drug'. Anything that can alter your judgement and perception as alcohol does is VERY dangerous. And what's amazing to me is that -among the MANY other things I hear in my cab ("Taxicab Confessions" anyone!!)- that I hear a LOT of times that people have DUI's. And trust me, I don't ask. And a very high percentage of them are PROUD of it. I just don't get it. I grew up when it was still taboo to drink/drive, much less BRAG about it. I understand the world is changing but, jeez. ::picture me shaking my head::

So on that happy little note ::sigh::

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY ALL !!! BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jenn said...

Your M is coming along very nicely! I love that particular shade of purple.

And ooh ouch on the crash pic. I'm glad nobody in the cab was injured.

(by the way, thanks for the add to your blogroll... I discovered your blog because you were a recent referral site to mine!)