A Stitching Update

Or, at least the best I could do right now. I worked a lot this weekend and am just now catching up on the rest of my life. :o) Here is Tuscan View. I did a small amount of backstitch (house, tree and upper stones), finished the sky and done some of the filling in of the stones across the top. Amazing what a difference a small amount of backstitching can make.
I know I shouldn't, but I'm thinking of starting another project. I have quite a few going on, but they're all b.a.p. (Big Ass Projects - stolen shamelessly from Doodlehead :o) and I just am feeling the need to work on something that doesn't take so much concentration.
I rented a few movies last night when I got back into town from the coast so I have some movie watchin' to do. It was a beautiful day here in Ptld yesterday when I left in early afternoon - 82 degrees - but about 10 miles from the coast it got cloudy. Never really saw any rain, but it was not what I was hoping for when I was driving out. Matter o' fact, here's a pic I took while I was stretching my legs... cloudy, but not much in the way of wind - very small waves. This is Boiler Bay, just N of Depoe Bay.
For those of you that've never been to Oregon or the coast, this is pretty much what the entire coast looks like - rocks and trees - although we do have some beautiful beaches out here as well. But unless you're dressed well for the water it's pretty much too cold to play in. Usually very dramatic though.

Enjoy! M

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Jules said...

Your stitching is beautiful. x